The Great Cupcake Massacre

Life gets busy and then you get busy with life. These beautiful morsels debuted at Halloween and were all promptly devoured, eaten alive (depending on your definition of life) and no one shed a tear except the people who arrived late to find them gone.

I’m not a cupcake kind of guy. Baking is all about accuracy and I don’t always have the patience to be messing around with teaspoons and such. Bread is different because it’s a science quiz with multiple answers, all correct. Cupcakes have made a fool of me once too often.

This is Renee’s arena. She’s a great baker because she trusts the system. They always turn out beautifully and taste amazing. This recipe is a ‘basic chocolate cupcake recipe’ she told me, with buttercream icing and a few elaborate details (I got to stab the cupcakes with fondant knives).



~ by themourningkitchen on November 7, 2011.

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