Let’s Make This Easy

Quick Bar-B-Q feast

The idea for this blog came about after I met Renee, a long time vegetarian and a dedicated runner. Renee works hard and trains hard but when it came to cooking she can eat the same thing five days in a row as long as it gives her the nutrients she needs. I have only recently returned to vegetarianism after a lapse and I need to re-learn some basic concepts for cooking vegetarian meals. I cooked professionally for a few years in my twenties and thirties and I’m not afraid to try new things but I have a real problem with some of the staples that vegetarians eat in this part of the country.

Here it is. I hate beans. The taste, the texture and the pasty dry mouth that results. Beans, to me, are filler, and for the most part I mean for filling potholes, plugging holes in dikes and patching drywall. I’m waiting breathlessly for the tirade of bean lovers everywhere. Your arguments are sure to lift the veil and make me realize how wrong I’ve been. That’s sarcasm. Don’t count on it.

We need to eat though, and this blog will be the record of what we learn about food, eating well and learning to love what we think we hate. I’ll never say no to a well cooked meal and this photo of a few grilled vegetables seems like the perfect place to start.


~ by themourningkitchen on October 5, 2011.

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